Our team of highly experienced and talented software engineers, UX designers and creative technologists are passionate about delivering excellence through digital expertise, technical brilliance, and creative vision.

Highly skilled,
agile, global.
across multiple
industry sectors.
Technology &
platform neutral.

Who we are

We offer a total end-to-end service, from proof of concept, MVP, consultancy, and strategy through to rapid prototyping, architecture, and design & build.

After more than 14 years’ experience across a wide range of industry sectors, from banking and pharma to retail and infrastructure, we have a first-class client list and impressive portfolio of success stories.

These cover the whole digital spectrum, from bespoke software integration and digital transformation to banking platforms to data architecture and crypto.

Ngoar solves complex business challenges and delivers innovative, bespoke solutions through inspired digital thinking. We’re committed to building successful long-term relationships, based on collaboration, that sustain and grow over time, with the highest levels of client service.

We’re proud of our Anglo-Ukrainian roots, heritage and culture.

Where does the name Ngoar come from?
Ngoar is an Inuit word which roughly translates to ‘created by humans rather than by nature.’

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