We plan, design, develop and build digital eco-systems.

Our team of expert technology architects and developers help companies and agencies achieve digital transformation. We are platform agnostic, which ensures we are impartial when advising and implementing enterprise, open-source or bespoke solutions.

Ngoar has decades of professional expertise making systems and platforms work together seamlessly, covering CMS, CRM, e-Commerce, social, IoT and data analytics.

Ngoar UX and creative teams always aim for the optimum combination of form and function across all digital channels.

Our UX, design and creative philosophy ensures that delivered solutions are a perfect balance between user experience, aesthetics and technology.

These solutions are driven by end-user needs and wants, as much as client requirements and business goals.

Ngoar offer a range of Augmented Team model types, which can be nuanced to meet the project’s precise requirements.

They operate onsite as in-house resources or off-site as offshore, nearshore or onshore resources.

We look at each project on its individual merits and carefully gauge the level of developer input required.


The Ngoar Augmented Teams Model has been successfully implemented in many projects for a range of global brands and agencies.

Ngoar have a dedicated Rapid Prototyping division. They specialise in transitioning concepts into reality.

They are our most experienced software engineers and designers, all of them with at least 15 years software innovation experience. We call them ‘Blank Page Engineers’ as they have a full appreciation of multiple software languages, platforms, integration protocols, security demands and optimised coding infrastructure.


process chart

UX & UI Philosohy

We believe in designing and developing simple user-centric experiences with clearly defined narratives supported by a simple, clean visual grammar. They guide and educate users while supporting the purpose and promise of the brand.

We understand that experience design must be compelling, engaging and memorable. It should also be strongly underpinned by a thorough understanding of the technologies within. Our ux and ui approach is led by our ux director and reinforced by involvement with our lead developers and technical project managers from the start of all projects.

The precise methodologies we employ vary from project to project but our philosophy remains consistently the same.