Develop & Build

Our teams of expert technology architects and developers have a great track record empowering enterprises to achieve digital & data management transformation for business success.

We’ve always been platform and technology neutral. This means we can be totally impartial when advising on, and implementing, solutions whether they be enterprise, open-source or bespoke.

We also have decades of professional expertise ensuring systems and platforms work seamlessly together.

UX & UI Design

Our UX & UI teams follow well-established principles and methodologies with all applications. This starts by gaining an in-depth understanding of user needs and business requirements. Extensive research before every project is thoroughly interrogated before design commences.

The design phase includes a series of evolving prototypes. These are comprehensively tested with users and stakeholders to explore opportunities and identify possible risks.

The end-user sits at the heart of this process throughout. This is central to our UX and UI philosophy.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping team specialise in transitioning concepts into reality fast. They are our best and most expert software engineers and designers, each with over 14 years software innovation experience.

They have an impressive understanding of multiple software languages, platforms, integration protocols, security demands and optimised coding infrastructure.

Advisory & Consultancy

Ngoar offer a full advisory and consultancy service across many areas of software development & engineering, data architecture and digital transformation.

We have vast experience in software development and expert analytical skills plus a seasoned understanding of the business side of projects and the management of development phases.

We’re well versed in collaborating with stakeholders to capture project requirements, and then translate them into solid technical objectives and an achievable plan.

By aligning technological decisions with client business goals, we deliver solutions that solve business challenges and bring real value to development projects.


process chart
Determining basic functional and technical objectives including the input and output information desired. This includes initial technical and functional analysis.
Translating ideas into visual and functional representations. Also applying feedback.
Developing the prototype. This is usually carried out over a series of development sprints.
Sharing the prototype with target user groups and all stakeholders to evaluate the visual and interactive characteristics.
Using feedback from the review stage to perform iterations that make truer, more polished versions of the end product.


User feedback as early as possible in a project.

Optimum software comparison to meet the specification. This gives insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates, deadlines and milestones proposed.

Risk reduction. A prototype tests some of the most difficult elements of the system early in the life cycle. This provides valuable information on the feasibility of a design and can prevent the team from pursuing solutions that turn out to be too complex or time consuming to implement.

'Fail Fast', the earlier a problem is found the cheaper it is to solve.

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